Why Does My Dog Pull on the Leash?

Why Does My Dog Pull on the Leash?

If you’ve ever undertaken your puppy on a walk, then you have seen some leash tugging. how to stop a dog from pulling on the leash for many different reasons, but the most common are excitement, lack of training, and worry. In this post, we’ll investigate the causes of leash-tugging in dogs and how to stop it from taking place.

Enthusiasm: One of many major factors why dogs take on the leash is that they are enthusiastic about becoming outside and investigating something totally new. They may get so distracted by the minute which they overlook their manners and initiate to tug at their leashes to get where they really want to go faster. It’s crucial to understand that this can be a regular actions for most dogs, although it should be dealt with with proper training strategies.

Absence of Instruction: Yet another cause of leash-taking is deficiency of training. If your pup hasn’t been properly skilled on how to move on a leash, they can not understand that it’s not ok to take or tug on it. A properly-qualified dog should realize that strolling calmly beside you is anticipated actions when in public or around other pets.

Worry: Anxiety can be a factor when considering to leash-pulling actions in dogs. If your dog seems frightened or in danger by one thing they see while outside in public (yet another pet, deafening disturbances, and so on.), they might take action by tugging clear of it as being tough as they are able in a try to get away quickly. That worry effect can manifest itself as leash-taking if your dog isn’t used to getting around specific stimuli or hasn’t had appropriate socializing training yet.


Leash-tugging is a common dilemma for dog owners but one that can easily be solved with a few persistence and regularity when it comes to training and socialization. By comprehending why your puppy could be pulling—whether it’s expected to enthusiasm, absence of coaching, or fear—you’ll be much better equipped to street address the matter through good reinforcement and a lot of snacks!