Turn Your Loved One’S Human Ashes Into Diamonds

Turn Your Loved One’S Human Ashes Into Diamonds

Could Human ashes be converted into a diamond?

The Body is 18% carbon and diamond is just a carbon allotrope. Under a highpressure and high temperature condition created artificially, human ashes or individual hair could be converted into a diamond of almost any purity as per a client’s requirement. Different shade diamonds take different time to get ready including 20 to 65 days. Anybody can turn their loved one’s human ashes human ashes into diamonds into diamonds.


• First of all of the client has to order a kit in which he will be submitting the ashes. The process begins when the kit was submitted back.
• The body is only 18% carbondioxide. So the ash have to be purified before starting the process.
• Now, the ashes are kept in an artificial environment that reproduces the natural conditions that lead to diamond formation. It takes roughly 3,000K fever along with a 60,000 pub pressure.
• The diamond formed is rough and graphite could get mixed up using the diamond. It’s is glistening by pros.
• The customer can ask anything to write on the diamond and also the inscription will be done using a laser onto the cherry blossom.
• The bead generated can be set into any decoration that the consumer wants.

Why Turn ash into diamonds?

Mothers, Wives, husbands, horses, or any other relative who’s near a individual can wear their memorial are able to continue to keep their memory alive forever. This prevents the charge of burial and it is quite suitable to show human ashes into diamonds.

Every Memorial pearl is given over to your client with a certificate of Validity together with a scientific record which affirms that the bead has Been developed together with your loved ones remains. More over, any piece of diamond made from Human ashes is kept in the records. It can be re-validated out of institutes on Independent certificate of their customer’s choice.