The 5 Types of Heat Guns and How to Choose the Right One for You

The 5 Types of Heat Guns and How to Choose the Right One for You

A heat gun is a versatile resource that you can use for a number of tasks, for example stripping paint, diminishing tubing, plus more. There are various kinds of temperature guns available, so it might be difficult to know what one is the best suit for your requirements. This post will go over the 5 most typical varieties of heating pistols and the ways to choose the best for you.

5 Kinds of Warmth Pistols:

1.The Electric Heat Gun:

The electric heat gun is amongst the most popular warmth guns accessible. It really is driven by electric power and contains a heating aspect that produces heating. For tasks that desire a great deal of heat, like shedding paint or welding aluminum, this sort of heat gun is ideal.

2.The Gasoline Heat Gun:

The gas heat gun is another popular sort of heat gun. It is run by petrol and possesses a warming component that generates heating. This heat gun is ideal for tasks demanding lots of temperature, including taking away fresh paint or welding metal.

3.The Infra-red Heat Gun:

The infra-red mini heat gun is actually a unique heat gun that uses infrared rays to generate warmth. Assignments needing a great deal of heat, like shedding color or welding steel, are perfect for this heat gun.

4.The Hot Air Gun:

The hot air gun is a popular heat gun which uses hot air to build heating. This type of heat gun is perfect for jobs which need a great deal of heat, for example getting smaller tubing or getting rid of stickers.

5.The Pistol Grasp Heat Gun:

The pistol traction heat gun can be a distinctive heat gun built to take place just like a pistol. This particular heat gun is perfect for jobs which require plenty of temperature, like stripping painting or welding aluminum.


Allow me to share the 5 common varieties of heat pistols. A power or fuel heat gun will be the most suitable option should you need a lot of temperature. An infra-red or popular airgun could be the best option if you need much less heat. If you wish to contain the heat gun like a pistol, then this pistol traction heat gun is the best option.