Organic Cotton Bunny Snuggles Gift Basket

Organic Cotton Bunny Snuggles Gift Basket


Congratulations in your new appearance! Whether you are anticipating a baby boy or woman, the main Welcome Baby Bundle has everything you need to buy your nursery started on the best foot. This package includes every one of the essential natural shades to assist create a hot and inviting area for the child.

The Fundamental Pleasant Baby Package includes the following products:

– 1x quilt (simple hues)

– 1x fitted page (white colored)

– 1x dust ruffle (neutral shades)

– 1x baby diaper stacker (natural shades)

– 1x window valance (neutral colors)

– 1x extremely delicate plush teddy bear (natural hues)

– 1x group of 3 art work prints (baby wildlife suited to framing)

Each and every object from the package is specifically preferred to become not merely elegant but also efficient. The quilt and dirt ruffle are made of completely cotton and are machine washable for quick treatment. The installed page is made to suit a typical-size crib mattress. The baby diaper stacker is a terrific way to maintain baby diapers organized and in easy reach. The window valance is a perfect strategy to add a little style to the nursery. The provided teddy have will definitely come to be your child’s beloved snuggle buddy. The pair of three art images is perfect for redecorating any nursery and constitutes a fantastic Gift for first time mother and father! All the items in the primary Pleasant Baby Bundle coordinate perfectly to produce a beautiful, cohesive try looking in any nursery. This package deal is an excellent worth and tends to make decorating your nursery easy! Buy yours nowadays!


The Fundamental Pleasant baby shower has everything you need to get the nursery moving on the best foot. This package includes each of the vital fairly neutral shades to assist build a cozy and attractive area to your baby. With everything else from the quilt and sheet set to your teddy carry and coordinating artwork designs, this bundle has it all! Get yours nowadays and get started on developing the ideal nursery to your new coming!