Investing in Tom Brady’s Legendary Rookie Cards

Investing in Tom Brady’s Legendary Rookie Cards

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL historical past, along with his rookie card is among the most wanted-after cards in the world. Not merely would it be well worth the cost item because of its potential higher return, it also comes with an interesting narrative behind it. Let us check out the background and incredible importance of this iconic bit of sports memorabilia.

The Card By itself

Basketball Cards was introduced by Pacific Trading Cards in 2000 in their “Crown Royale” established. The card comes with a photo of Brady using a glowing blue background and white lettering, together with the written text “Tom Brady, New England Patriots QB.” The back of the card presents some fundamental information regarding him which include his height, body weight, college staff, draft place and occupation stats back then.

The card was originally imprinted on glossy carry paper which made it prone to damage over time. Consequently, increased-grade types are far far more useful than people that have been ruined or put on downward. The crown jewel for hobbyists is surely an unopened container containing all 36 provides from that set up – these boxes can fetch more than $100,000!

Its Worth

Because of its scarcity and reputation amid hobbyists, Tom Brady’s rookie cards can be very valuable – dependant upon their condition. A mint-situation edition could offer for about $10,000 whilst decrease-class models may still be well worth a number of hundred bucks or maybe more. Despite the fact that there are several duplicates on the market, they can be still rare enough that desire continues to be great for them. As such, price ranges continue to raise with time – which makes them an excellent investment potential for serious collectors.


Tom Brady’s rookie card is probably the most sought-after sections in sports memorabilia right now. Furthermore it have great prospective importance for its scarcity and reputation amid collectors, but it additionally has a interesting scenario behind it which adds much more depth to the attractiveness. No matter if you’re a diehard supporter or perhaps somebody seeking a excellent purchase option – Tom Brady’s rookie card is definitely worth considering!